Speed Networking

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There are a variety of ways you can network at the Festival of Email, the speed networking options held throughout the festival are a great way to discover new contacts on the industry. With the theme this year being ‘Collaboration’ we really hope we are able to facilitate meaningful connections at the speed networking events. […]

Fun with Phishing!

Ok you could be forgiven for thinking that Phishing is never fun, the truth is of course it rarely is. However sometimes, just sometimes it can be fun to play email pranks and those pranks can prove entertaining and educational. You see sometimes phishing is done to raise awareness, make people think and to force […]


Agendex Sponsor

We are proud Learn more about our Gold Sponsor Agendex at Festival of Email, 31 May 2021 – 14 June 2021.

RPE Origin

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RPE Origin is our Diamond sponsor. Come and meet RPE Origin team at Festival of Email. Visit RPE Origin expo booth 2 June – 16 June 2021.

Netcore Cloud

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Netcore Cloud is Platinum Sponsor at Festival of Email. Visit Netcore Cloud expo booth at Festival of Email, 2 June – 16 June 2021

Platonic Ideal

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Platonic Ideal is Diamond Sponsor of Festival of Email! We are very proud to announce Platonic Ideal as our Diamond Sponsors. Visit Platonic Ideal Expo Booth 2 June – 16 June 2021.



Platinum Sponsor We’re thrilled to announce that SocketLabs is our platinum sponsor of Festival of Email, 2 June – 16 June 2021. Right & fitting to announce @socketlabs first, new to the @email_expert family of sponsors. Extremely proud to announce them as Platinum Sponsor! Be sure to checkout https://t.co/Ox3ZecTp8t & visit their booth to meet […]

Organise A Local Meetup

With more of the world opening up, delegates in a location able to organise a meet-up are invited to do so as long as it can be done in a manner that is COVIDsafe. There are several types of meetup that we can support and we are always open to ideas.

Justify to Manager

Convincing your manager to allow you to purchase access to Festival of Email should be a simple enough process. Your manager will want you to be able to make use of the opportunities available especially when you help the understand the kind of potential return on a minimal investment. Many things to different people As […]