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Speed Networking


There are a variety of ways you can network at the Festival of Email, the speed networking options held throughout the festival are a great way to discover new contacts on the industry.

With the theme this year being ‘Collaboration’ we really hope we are able to facilitate meaningful connections at the speed networking events. The average 90-minute speed networking event with 100 participants will generate 1,000+ new connections, that is 333% more than traditional networking events.

At each of our scheduled speed networking events (45 minute format) you can expect to meet up to a dozen individuals. We will schedule speed networking events throughout the fortnight festival and they will be hosted by a variety of industry influencers, senior execs and special guests.

We are running a networking drive this year, the higher your Festival of Email ‘Connections Made Count‘ is, the more likely you re to be awarded something as part of the networking drive – these speed networking sessions are not to be missed!

However to be sure your connections are actually recorded, be sure to read and understand how the speed networking operates and how connections are made (no 1 way connections).

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How does it work?

Simply hit the Networking button from inside the event, you will be asked if you are ready and then placed randomly in front of another attendee where you’ll meet for up to a total of 4 minutes on camera.

You can turn off your camera if you prefer whilst in the networking area.


Once you meet someone in the Networking area at an event, you will not be matched with that person in the Networking area again Festival of Email. You will never meet the same person twice in the Networking area, so its worth attending as many of the sessions as you can to increase your chances of establishing new meaningful contacts.

4 Minutes not long enough? Request an extension

Simply click on extend and you will be able to continue chatting for 4 minutes.

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Make a Connection and Exchange Details

The ability is there for you both to exchange contact details if you would like to. If you would like to be sure of the ability to reconnect take advantage now as you are guaranteed never to be in front of the same person twice at a Festival of Email speed networking session.


Whilst in a networking meeting, the blue Connect button shows up at the top right corner of the screen. The purpose of this button is to give you the ability to quickly and easily exchange contact information, similar to exchanging business cards at a physical event.

The ‘Tinder Twist’ – No one way connections!

There is a twist however. To exchange contact details you BOTH have to agree, you both have to click connect. There is no need to be awkward about it, the contact details are not shared until after the event. You will have no idea whether or not the person you are talking to ‘connects’ or not during the session. This ensures one-way connections cannot game our ‘Connections Made Count‘ competition.


We do not record networking events and nor should you.