With more of the world opening up, delegates in a location able to organise a meet-up are invited to do so as long as it can be done in a manner that is COVIDsafe.

There are several types of meetup that we can support and we are always open to ideas.

Informal Delegate Hosted Meetup

Get in touch, we can arrange for delegate goodies.

It is important that all delegates who organise an in person meet are aware of and follow local regulations. We understand that these regulations vary by state, region, and country, so it is up to each organizer and delegate to understand and follow the guidelines specific to where they are meeting. Emailexpert will remove references from the schedule and/or cancel support of events if they promote activities that do not comply with requirements and guidance issued by government authorities and public health officials.

Semi Formal Vendor Hosted Meetup

Would you like to be able to present to your own live audience?
We will add your event to the event schedule, promote it to our delegates in the vicinity and support you with local media and press relations and support.

Sponsored Half Day /Full Day Conference Track

Please contact us for details.

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