Reach out to discuss the additional benefits included with various sponsorship packages. We can tailor benefits to meet your business goals from participation. Benefits optionally include:

  • Logo and Branding representation before & after presentations
  • Branding, Blog Posts, Logos and link backs from multiple properties
  • Complimentary Tickets to Festival of Email for Staff and Clients
  • Time scheduled on the agenda over two weeks
  • more, reach out for details

You can contact Andrew by email or by phone
Phone: UK: 020 7193 2434 • US: (415) 851-2584 • AU: (02) 8003 3440

Consultants and Small Agencies
A limited number of “Mini Offer Booths” are available for less than €500/$600. These virtual interactive vendor booths also allow you to host your own live sessions over the course of the Festival of Email at no additional charge. We make these available exclusively to small business and they are limited in number.
Contact us to see if you qualify.
Platform Sponsor (Online)
The dominant online event sponsor with your logo replacing ours in the top left of the screen. Replacing your logo as the event icon. Contact us for details.
Platinum Sponsorship (Online)
There are three Platinum Sponsor places, and only one remaining. Available for $7,000
Diamond Sponsorship (Online)
A limited number of Diamond Sponsor places are available. They are $2,500
Gold Sponsorship (Online)
Gold Sponsor places are available from $1000
Online Exhibitor Booth
Your vendor booth can run on auto-pilot when you are not there.
You are also able to host your own virtual meetups, product demo’s and sessions in your own booth.
We will even add the events to the hopin agenda (and to for a premium).
Prices start at $1250 for exposure over the entire 14 day event.
Logo Watermark on Stage Content
Have your logo display as a watermark for 10% of the time on recordings $3,000
Title Sponsor of an Entire Segment
An entire 6 hour track of content created in partnership with your org
Entire segment listed on Agenda as sponsored by you
Have your logo display as a watermark for 80% of the time on recordings during your sponsored segment

Available from $4,200

Premium Speaking Arrangements
We do not operate a pay to play platform however certain speaking arrangements incur significantly more production fee’s. Generally reserved for a limited number of brand side speakers and keynotes. Vendors should account for the following:

Premium VIRTUAL stage with pre-recorded voice-of-god intro and premium promo graphics, fees start at $500.

Premium VIRTUAL stage with a live host intro  and post presentation interview incurs an additional fee (and benefits) starts at $550.

We can create a high value virtual/hybrid panel with moderator and guests focussed on a topic that is designed in collaboration with you and to include a member of your team. Fees start from $1850

Your Event Listed on the Agenda
Link through to your event registration and info pages from $950
In Person Title Sponsorships

Sydney, Australia (Immersive Studio) $1,850 (TBC)
Sydney, Australia (Meetup) $2,450 (TBC)
Melbourne, Australia (One Day Conference) $5,000 (TBC)
Valencia Networking Day €3,500 (TBC)
Valencia One Day Conference €5,000 (TBC)
Miami Happy Hours Meetup $3,500
Miami One Day Conference $6,500

The opportunity to sponsor sessions or elements such as lunch etc exist.

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