Company: HelloFresh
Job Title: Marketing Automation Lead

Faithful Adia

Faithful Adia is a dynamic and innovative professional with more than 5 years of experience in Marketing Automation. He is currently a Marketing Automation Lead at HelloFresh, a leading global food delivery company.

Faithful is an expert in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), and is 4x SFMC certified. He is passionate about solving complex business problems at the intersection of marketing, technology and data, and leverages technology to optimise processes, improve customer experience and drive business value.

At HelloFresh, Faithful leads a team of experts to deliver solutions that unlock growth opportunities, drive innovation and improve efficiency across the CRM organisation in 18 countries. He has achieved remarkable results such as building solutions using SSJS and APIs to optimise manual processes which resulted in time savings of ~3000 hrs/year, implementing WhatsApp as a new channel for the CRM organisation with growth opportunity of €x million, co-developing a feature that resulted in €xx million profit uplift for HelloFresh and leading advanced personalisation initiatives which boosted CRM engagement by 14%.

In his free time, Faithful enjoys traveling, engaging in adventure activities and playing board games.

Faithful is a passionate speaker who is keen to share his knowledge and experience. He particularly enjoys talking about marketing automation, CRM and SFMC.