Company: Emailexpert
Job Title: Organizer, MarTechFest

Andrew Bonar

Andrew Bonar has been passionate about helping people learn, grow and succeed in email for 30 years. He co-founded Emailexpert, an international community of professionals, and has held events in Sydney, New York, Miami, London, Prague, Valencia and Utrecht. Emailexpert provides a supportive and knowledgeable community for email professionals, offering mentoring, events and a vendor selection platform. Andrew’s career began with @Pobox UK and Cheapnet, followed by MailPhoenix, eMailGenie and eBanx. He has consulted for clients across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and North America, and worked for Emailvision (SmartFocus) and Campaign Monitor.

He works as an executive advisor to a handful of founders in the email space including Halon, and is proud of his role as co-founder of the Emailexpert Professional Member Community.