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Human Settlement on Mars – Email Marketing Competition


To celebrate the upcoming landing of the first human beings on Mars, we will be running a competition to prepare an Email Campaign for the next generation of colonists on Mars. You don’t need to be an astronaut to enter! All you need to do is create an Email Campaign for the first Human Settlement on Mars. Before you start to work on your competition, think through the following questions: Who will be on the first Martian settlement? What will they do on Mars? How will they get there? How will they get back? Could you imagine making a new world? What best subject line would you use? Think about what you can tell to people who have the opportunity to create a new world. 

Start Time: 7th June

Submission: Ends 16th June MIDNIGHT PST

Results: After the Festival of Email

Judges: Lauren Meyer, Matthew Vernhout, Paul Airy, Samar Owais, Kait Creamer

  • Accessibility – Paul Airy, Founder, Beyond the Envelope. Email Specialist, Communisis
  • Design – Kait Creamer, CRM Marketing Manager, Framer
  • The Copy & Conversion – Samar Owais, Email Strategist & Copywriter,
  • Overall & Design – Lauren Meyer, EVP of Product Marketing & Brand Strategy, SocketLabs and Matthew Vernhout, VP, Deliverability Netcore
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Participants need to create a unique Single Email Campaign for the Human settlement on Mars.
It can be a Welcome campaign for those who have confirmed they plan to be Martiansor asking them to confirm they will be martians 

Participants can submit up to 6 designs each\Companies, Agencies and Teams can make Submissions

Send us two emails:

  1. Send us your campaign to
  2. Send us second email, Please tell us team name, members of the team subject line and sender from of email you sent


Participants can use any tools they use every day in their Email Marketing life. 

Festival of Email Swag,
WInners will be awarded books authored by email geeks in our community