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The first 500 registered delegates will be offered access to the emailexpert dedicated security training centre ( A complete at your own pace video training course that offers awareness training for phishing, scams, malware, social engineering, physical security, passwords and more.

Providing you the the ability to recognise and respond to cyber threats that you come across in the workplace.

Are you a sysadmin, IT Support, HR or in a leadership role at your org? Assess the value and access actual Security Awareness Training within an LMS environment from multiple vendors. See the value for your org.

Much of the security awareness training is designed to increase an organisation’s cybersecurity compliance and maturity and help ensure you can meet standards like NIST and CMMC.

We currently have a half dozen short courses available in the Security Awareness Training area created by Hook Security, we additionally have the ‘Email Threat Training System™‘ from James Linton the widely known social engineer, hacker and phishing expert. The Email Threat Training System™ is a video training course that provides employees with a structured understanding of the risks they face within their email world. We provide you a single user access to the training system, within a structured LMS environment, this helps you understand the value of introducing the content within your own corporate learning systems.

James Linton will also be presenting at the Festival of Email, stay tuned for updates!

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