Emailexpert Miami Live! at Festival of Email

An intimate gathering of industry leaders, influencers and brand side users.
If you are a business leader who is tired of the usual sales pitches and product showcases, then you’ll want to attend the EmailExpert Live! conference in Miami June 3rd.

No Vendor Pitches
No Vendor Discussions

This is an opportunity focussed on community and connections, helping you connect with other email marketing professionals, learn from industry experts, network, and, of course, enjoy some time in the sun. EmailExpert Live! Miami will help you establish meaningful lifelong industry connections.

EmailExpert Live! Miami will be held on June 2nd and June 3rd, 2021 in Miami, Florida. The event hotel is the Hyatt Centric Brickell. With stunning views across the water Emailexpert Miami Live! represents a unique opportunity for a limited number of delegates to get exclusive access to an evening and a day of learning and networking.



Happy Hours

On the evening of the 2nd of JUNE we have a 3 hour rooftop networking reception from 6pm through 9pm.

The Conference Track

The agenda is subject to slight modification

8:30am – 9: 30am American Buffet Breakfast & Networking

9:30am Welcome from Ryan Phelan, RPE Origin

9:35am Opening Keynote – Udeme Ukutt, Linkedin
Lets celebrate email, the community and collaboration

10:00am Use of Email in Your Acquisition Strategy -Michael DiLillo
When it comes to using email in your acquisition there is a specific role and value, but dangers abound. Michael walks us through the ups and downs.

10:30am A CMO Asks the Deliverability Panel
LB Blair Platonic Ideal, Rickey White – Start Inboxing, Tanya Plaza – Dotdigital
A CMO asks why deliverability really matters, what importance they should put on it and why. What place does it have in the marketing mix, why if ever should they be paying attention to it.

Marketers often say they wish they could have the ear of the CEO or CMO and that if only they could explain the importance of deliverability, but do email marketers know how to deliver that information to a CMO, how to frame it, and deliver it so it resonates? Probably not.
Answer two important points with this panel:
(a) The audience of senior marketers CMOs listening should learn value of/import of deliverability.
 It is not the be all and end all of course, so help them frame where it fits and how much value it brings(or even how to measure/define it) and assign the resources it deserves?
(b) Help email marketers who need to make the case to a CMO better understand how to frame that conversation.

11:30am Morning Networking Refreshment Break

11:45am Which Test Won? Email Marketing 2021 Edition – Jeanne Jennings, Email Op Shop
We all think we have good marketing instincts – but how often are we actually right? Play along and test yourself as Jeanne shares A/B split tests from work she’s done for clients and challenges the audience to guest ‘which test won’ before she reveals the results.
Yes, it will be fun. And it will be fast – so we can get as many tests in as possible. But you will walk away with practical tips and ideas you can test with your own email marketing program to boost results.
You’ll learn:
• What types of tests are likely to generate the largest lifts
• Why quality hypotheses are key to testing (and how to develop them)
• Which metric you should use for a KPI based on your business goals
• How to use scientific method to get the most out of your results

12:30 Networking Buffet Lunch

1:35pm Welcome Back from Ryan Phelan, RPE Origin

1:40pm The do’s and and dont’s of email marketing and deliverability – Keith Kouzmanoff

2:20pm The Email Marketing Agency Panel – Alexandra Palau – All About Email Marketing, Jeanne Jennings Email Op Shop, Ryan Phelan – RPE Origin
Brands have moved in ever greater numbers to agencies and external consultants for supporting their email marketing and messaging needs, that shift has been noticeable for 5 years or more in North America and more recently the trend appears to be true in Europe and other markets. Clearly there is much benefit to be hand from a great agency relationship. But how best to approach it and when? Agencies to the SME and FORTUNE500 discuss when is the right time to bring in an agency and how do you maximise the benefits of the relationship?

3:05pm Networking Refreshment Break

3:20pm  Securing your Email Infrastructure – LB Blair, Platonic Ideal

3:50pm What does email security have to do with marketing?– Udeme Ukutt – Linkedin, Keith Kouzmanoff –, LB Blair – Platonic Ideal

4:30pm Open Round Table Networking / Refreshment Break

5:00pm The emailexpert Awards Ceremony
6 Leaders in the email community will be recognised for their ambassadorship, leadership and collaborative efforts.

5:30PM Conference Close

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