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Cloud Complexities: Making Sense of Email Infrastructure

festival of email speakers 1

Brian Godiksen
Director, Customer Solutions, SocketLabs
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bgodiksen/
Twitter: @BrianGodiksen

Brian has been helping organizations optimize their email infrastructure since joining SocketLabs in 2011. He currently helps build customized hybrid cloud email infrastructure solutions for SocketLabs’ enterprise customers. Brian previously managed the team of deliverability analysts that consult with customers on best infrastructure practices, including email authentication, bounce processing, IP address warm-up, and email marketing list management. Brian also leads the fight against spam and email abuse at SocketLabs by managing compliance across the platform. He is a participant in key industry groups such as M3AAWG and the Email Experience Council.

Session Summary:
Cloud-based email delivery services have been the primary choice for email senders in recent years, thanks to the flexibility and ease of use they can provide. However many senders are not aware of the challenges that come along with the benefits of the cloud, particularly in the areas of cost, compliance, security, reputation, and control. In this session, attendees will learn what factors to consider when it comes to email delivery infrastructure, as well as what solutions exist to meet the primary requirements for their organization’s email needs.

Key Takeaways:
-The benefits and challenges that exist within cloud email services, including cost, delivery controls, security, and regulation with compliance requirements.
-How to manage sender reputation on IPs operated by cloud vendors.
-Why bringing-your-own-IP to a new provider may not work for most senders.
-Alternative email delivery solutions within the market that overcome some of the challenges presented by the cloud.